The Lake at Upper Farm


Upper Farm Fishery is a 1 acre mixed carp and coarse lake split into 2 ponds, which are connected via a narrow waterway allowing the fish to move freely between the 2 ponds. The lake is naturally spring fed all year round, keeping water at consistent levels even in the height of summer, with drainage to remove excess water and prevent the risk of flooding.  


The larger pond (Pond 1) is approximately 0.6 acres and is up to 5 feet deep and has 11 swims/pegs, of which 5 are doubles and can hold 2 people (ideal for parents with young children or disabled guests who require wheelchair access).

The smaller pond (Pond 2) is approximately 0.4 acres and is also up to 5 feet deep and has 9 swims/pegs. The swims on Pond 2 all have step based access and are therefore not recommended for guests with disabilities.


Both of the ponds are man made.  The Large Pond was dug out in 1980 with The Small Pond being established around 1983. The lake was fished exclusively by a local Chinnor syndicate until 2011 when Upper Farm was put up for sale. The syndicate moved to new waters and the lake has effectively looked after itself until Upper Farm's new owners, Gary and Ali decided to open up the lake for day ticket access on 24th May 2014.  


The lake is beautiful, well established, peaceful and well stocked with a variety of carp and coarse fish.


Having never owned a fishery before, we engage the services of Andrew Ellis from AE Fisheries, who advises us on how to get the best from the lake, so that we can run a successful fishery for our angling guests, with our primary focus being to maintain a healthy and breeding fish population.

Both ponds have aerators to maintain oxygen levels during the summer and to prevent the water from freezing during the winter. The whole lake is protected by an electrified mink and otter fence. There is also free fast Wifi covering both ponds.

Pegs 1, 2, 6, 8 and 9 are all double pegs.

Peg 6 is currently our only wheelchair accessible peg.



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