Health & Fitness

In association with our local partner, WhiteWay Fitness, we are delighting to offer our guests a selection of Health, Massage and Fitness options that they can take advantage of during their stay.

Please book your treatments or sessions prior to your arrival by using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Sports Massage

Sports massage, if applied correctly, is the most effective therapy for releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to the muscular-skeletal system. Sports massage is more of a quick fix than a ‘fixer-upper’, but when combined with healthy eating, enough sleep and stretching, it keeps your body supple, strong and flexible.

Sports massage is not just for athletes and sports persons. There are many benefiting health factors as well, such as improved circulation, improved flexibility and sports massage has even been proven to improve sleep.

Sports Massage (45 minutes) - £40 (1st Person)

Sports Massage (45 Minutes) - £25 (2nd Person)

Sports Massage (45 Minutes) - £25 (3rd Person)


The above treatments are carried out one after the other by the same therapist.

Joint Couples Sports Massage (45 minutes) - £80

Treatments carried out simultaneously by two therapists.

All massages take place in the comfort and privacy of you lodge.

Guided Walk, Run or Bike Ride with Massage

A 2 hour walk/run or cycle ride around the Ridgeway with your personal trainer and guide, Tom White. Tom is a qualified fitness instructor and has lived in Henton all his life. Aside from having a great personable nature, Tom knows all the best trails and can tailor each session to an individuals fitness and stamina level.


After your session each participant will receive a 45 minute Sports Massage, and are encouraged to jump into the Hot Tub to get lots of heat into their muscles whilst waiting for their treatment.

No of Persons                Sequential Massage       Joint Massage
1                                           £80                                        N/A
2                                           £105                                      £120
3                                           £130                                      N/A
4                                           £155                                      £185


Sequential massage treatments are carried out one after the other by a single therapist.
Joint Massage treatments are carried out using two therapists.


Guests should bring their own bikes, walking poles and suitable footwear.

Custom Packages

If you are looking to get the most from your stay, then WhiteWay Fitness are able to build customised health and fitness packages specifically tailored for our guests to help them meet their goals and objectives.


Package elements can include:


  • Telephone discussion prior to your arrival to ascertain your fitness levels, any health or mobility issues and detailed planning for your sessions prior to your arrival

  • Personal Training Sessions (1 to 1, Couples, or Group)

  • Guided Walks, Runs or Bike Rides

  • Massage Therapy Sessions

  • Healthy meals cooked for you in The Pool House, after your training sessions (Brunch and/or Dinner)

  • Personalised Session Plans with Takeaway Training and Dietary Plans for when you return home

  • Posture and Gate Analysis

Please be advised that all training sessions take place outdoors and are subject to weather conditions.

Aqua Aerobics

During the pool heating season, WhiteWay Fitness are able to offer fun filled Aqua Aerobic sessions to our guests.

£20 for 30 minutes
£35 for 60 minutes

All training sessions are provided by Whiteway Fitness
1 Upper Farm Bungalow, Henton, Chinnor, Oxfordshire, OX39 4AQ


T:   07500 774 546