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Please note that we have made changes to our fishery booking system. Please read the text below before proceeding.

Our fishery booking system allows you to check swim/peg availability, book online, reserve a specific peg and to pay for your booking via a credit card, debit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay account.  All payments are processed through our payment processor Square.


Select the lake and the date you wish fish.

Then select your start time (8am or 8pm) and duration or how long you would like to fish (12, 24, 36, 48, 60 or 72 hours). Then choose the number of adult anglers and the number of concession anglers and work your way through the rest of the booking form.

We have now added a shopping cart. Therefore if you wanted to book multiple sessions over different days, this can now all be done in one single transaction.

Twilight tickets are now available online. These can only be booked from 3pm onwards for fishing that same day. The system will automatically apply Twilight pricing to your reservation.

We hope you like the improvements and hope to see you bankside soon.

We kindly request than when booking on a weekend or bank holiday, double pegs (1, 2, 8 & 9) are allocated to a minimum of 2 anglers. We reserve the right to move any booking where a single angler books a double peg at the weekend, on a bank holiday or where a double peg is required for a family or multiple anglers from the same group.

Note: Graham's Pond (Pegs 1 to 11).  Tony's Pond (Pegs 12 to 20).  We will try our best to accommodate the reservation of a specific Peg Number, but we cannot guarantee that the Peg Number will be available.

Important Update: Pegs 5 & 6 have been removed from our online booking system, so that we can provide additional privacy to guests staying in our 1 bedroom lodges. You must obtain the explicit permission of the bailiff before setting up on Pegs 5 or 6.

Grahams Pond booking & availability

Tonys Pond booking & availability

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Entire lake bookings & availability

Please contact the bailiff to discuss your entire lake booking requirements.

Note: Booking online will direct you to the external website of our booking partner (iBookFishing).

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