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Outdoor Arena / Menage

Our equestrian arena/menage booking system allows you to check availability and book online. You can pay for your reservation via a credit card, debit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay account.


Full Livery clients will not be charged as free menage use is included within the Full Livery Package.


Click on the grid below for the date and time that you wish to reserve.  Minimum reservation period is 1 hour (max 2 horses).  


The arena should be clear of all jumps when you finish, unless pre-agreed with the person using the arena directly after you. Any jumps setup must be carried out within your booking slot.


PLEASE NOTE: The green dots below signify that the arena is partly available. This means that it has been reserved for shared use by our liveries. Please therefore do not try to book or join a partly available session if you are a non-livery.



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